The Global Sustainability News Network (GSNN) was created in 2020 to support journalism around sustainability and activism.

GSNN is an initiative started with the goal of giving people a legitimized platform to talk about their experiences in the sustainability community. This can range from giving context to unfolding events globally to explaining their history in their field and how they got to their current occupation. While the GSNN will absolutely make every attempt to comment on emerging and evolving stories within the global sustainability community, the goal of the GSNN will also be to give a face to the community itself. Far too often we find ourselves thinking of the solar company, or the environmentally friendly development project or the leaders of social change in a very abstract way. The information is delivered to us from various news outlets, but often times these news items are not connected to the people that are making them, but rather framed in a larger discussion by pundits or anchors. GSNN will strive to bring you the faces of our economic, environmental and socially sustainable communities, and share their real-world stories. It is our hope that by sharing these lived experiences it will break down the barrier between what you see on the news and how you view your own everyday lives.
We want to showcase the ecological destinations that want to be promoted, raise awareness for sustainable destinations as travel sites that will also bring benefit to local communities while shopping, using local produce, experiencing local cuisine.

Global Ecotourism News, a project of the GSNN, will engage the ecotourism community for sustainable tourism through our contributors’ articles, thoughts, and stories published along with pictures and videos.