Sandakan in Sabah – in the Malaysian part of Borneo – is one of the top eco-tourism locations and home to one of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, Sukau Rainforest Lodge.

This is where you can see how eco-lodges work for real – they make use of everything from rainwater, used cooking oil, to the electric engine for the motorboats – all without sacrificing any comfort for guests. In fact, they have also won 19th Malaysia Tourism Awards 2014/2015 for Best Hotel Services (3 Star & Below). Its location on the bank of Kinabatangan River (at 560km, the second longest river in Malaysia) means relatively easy access to the floras and faunas of Borneo, including the orangutans, Bornean pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and rare birds like the hornbills, in their own natural habitat. In fact, you might not have to go far to see a Bornean pygmy elephant as they have a trail inside the compound of the Lodge itself!

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