The Holy Land (Palestine & Israel) offer way more than its historical and religious sites! This region is rich with great culinary experience, nature, community and culture. During the last decade, ecotourism has been growing significantly, tourists visiting the country start inquiring and touring the some of our Ecotourism sites in general. This phenomenon is tied to the growth of the environmental movement, especially since the awareness within the community has increased in helping to preserve the environment.

The diverse habitats cover five eco-zones: the central highlands, the semi-coastal region, the eastern slope, the Jordan Valley, and the coastal region. Climate is moderate with mild winters and warm, dry summers in most areas, but this is also variable within rather short distances. Snowy Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights is barely 100 miles away from the semi-tropical climate in the Jordan Valley. to the lowest point on earth in the Dead Sea region at 400 meters below sea level. Rainfall is between 1,000 mm in the highest mountains to less than 50 mm in arid regions. Temperatures also vary from freezing to over 40°C during the summer months in the Judea dessert areas.

Eco-tourism in the Holy land has a vast variety of environment sites and areas that covers mainly; Flora’s characteristic trees such as Olives, oaks and Pistacia. This creates diverse habitats for animals that include over 500 species of birds, over 100 mammals, over 100 reptiles, and thousands of species of invertebrates. Thus, the Holy Land is a treasure for nature lovers, and its many trails provide ample opportunities to observe, enjoy, and photograph not only stunning nature views but also plants and animals. Ecotourism is a logical blend choice to the tourist visiting the religious sites, considering the beauty of the landscape.

Tourist can enjoy the experience of a local culinary or accommodation with the local community by staying or eating at their houses. In addition to many nature and beauty reserved park and waterfalls to many trails that the tourist can experience. Furthermore, tourist can join in many Eco-tourism activities such as the tree planting or the harvest of many fruits’ oranges, cherry, apples and olives. Moreover, to observe the verity of bird and animal watching in many areas.

Rami Zeidan

TIES Chapter Head of Palestine