To go around, to see, to feel, touch and to taste, wandering in the pristine nature.

I have achieved all these in the city of Tokat located in the Mid Black Sea region of Turkey.

Rivers running through the woods and a unique dam lake extend for miles in the giving  lands through agriculture.

The city that comes through years of tradition and yet still adapted to modern times where all the people are so friendly and inviting, treating you with all local delicacies complientary, making you feel comfortable and surrounded by sincerety.

Packed with so many things through my 7 days such as tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, onions, by the dozens, picked fresh off their branches along with many other produce along the way.

Trekking through the luscious soil, while fruits of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, watermelons walnuts and so much more on offer on its branches, mesmerizes one who enters and take a bite out of with such satisfaction at the end.

Through the years, the traditions on the habitats of the plain remain ontouched and continue on for the generations to come such as folkloric dances, rituals of large families as in tribes, having never-ending picnics in the middle of the eco-system that is wonderful an calls for an admiration at the highest tone.

The neighbourhood customs and constant complimentary meals treated one another just to share the life, hasnt been lost through the modern times.

Tokat is a place that is stunning with Ecological and Gastronomical values that reflects into local dishes of Tokat, delicious Grape leaf wraps, authentic and a global trademark Tokat Kebbab and many other distinctive dishes bring out the appetite and a gourmet in all of us.

Leaving the city without tasting the local Mahalep Cherry Wine would be such a waste and a lost for anyone with tastebuds.

Many other Adventures and sentimental experiences that I have gone through my time in Tokat that you can follow on my  second Chapter here again.