Traveling in Bulgaria is quite diverse and still very few people know the opportunities for ecotourism. Let’s face the truth, before the pandemic Bulgaria was a mass tourism destination with 2 distinct seasons – summer and winter. That’s how it was regarded to in the eyes of the international visitors partly related also the the advertising in this light.

Alternative forms of tourism were developing by the local people in rural and mountain areas all around the country. Nowadays, Bulgaria is a hidden gem for the off-the-beaten path traveler.

In this article, I’d like to present you the opportunities for bespoke experiences and travel in Northwest Bulgaria and especially the area of Vidin and Belogradchik.

Plenty of tailor-made products and opportunities to be outside enjoying the nature are in the roots of visiting the area. Here you could enjoy hot-air balloon rides over the Belogradchik rocks seeing the Danube flown and enjoying the aerial view of 4 countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Another bespoke experience is having an unique tour with an electric mountain bike around the Belogradchik rocks with wineries, caves, natural formations and phenomenon and Vidin which is a Danube city with great views stretching along the river. Last but not least, renting an electric car to explore the beautiful nature and the sights is something that could be experienced in the area.

These are just 3 products which could made at least 2 days of your visit in the region memorable and wanting you to come back.

We could help you design and deliver the bespoke eco experience in Northwest Bulgaria and enjoy this beautiful off-the-beaten path destination in Bulgaria.

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