In our second part of our travels in Bulgaria we shall present to you the Valley of Roses or also, called the Valley of the Thracian Kings. Our accent here will be on the rose oil which is often referred to as the pink gold. Bulgaria has got all the prerequisites and nowadays its rose oil is number 1 in the world in terms of quality. Rose Damascena is the main reason for that because it’s only cultivated in Bulgaria and due to the climate and the soils, the Rose Valley is its location.

Why the Rose Valley is interesting to be visited?

Normally the rose picking is when the mass tourists arrive in the year. What we have seen is that if you go a little bit after the 5th June it’s much more relaxed, you could still pick up roses and you could enjoy all the sights and the nature almost by your own. Kazanlak and Karlovo are the cities to be explored and also around them. There are several rose oil distilleries which will welcome you individually and it will not be more expensive than the same in a group. If you come in July you would also experience the lavender fields.

What to do?

There is plenty to experience and the local population has got a lot to show you. Apart from the rose oil distilleries, rose picking, lavender photo sessions and workshops, you could be amazed at the Thracian tombs around Kazanlak, the Russian Shipka church, Buzludzha often referred to as the “Spaceship”, Shipka monument, activities like fishing, trekking, paragliding, horse-riding, hot-air balloon rides, visiting of sights and places related to the glorious uprisings, eating local food, getting to know the Bulgarian lifestyle etc.

To summarize, if you want to have an experience like no other the Rose Valley is very easy to reach as it’s situated in the middle of Bulgaria. We could direct and arrange bespoke itineraries and experiences that you would find nowhere else in Bulgaria and hardly any similar abroad.

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