Bulgaria is a country with diverse nature, really good 4 seasons with plenty of activities to take. The image of Bulgaria has changed greatly the last years for not only being a summer and winter destination but also destination in all 365 days. The switch from mass tourism to FITs is tremendous and travelers are exploring micro and unknown destinations, sights and local activities like no other. The tourists have now transformed into travelers and explorers with experiential forms of tourism being taken.
One of the best pure eco tourism spots in Bulgaria are the country’s national parks. The first one we would like to present is the Blue Stones nature park near Sliven.It features over 35 marked hiking trails to experience the flora and fauna of the nature park at its best. One of the most popular marathons is being held here every year – Rebel Trails. It gives 3 ITRA points and features one of the highest levels of marathon ranking. The highest point of the Nature Park is 1181m. which makes it accessible throughout the whole year and caters for people with different tastes for activities – mountain biking, hiking, mountain running, birdwatching also griffon vultures, accommodation in the forests, gourmet tourism with traditional Bulgarian dishes, photo taking, picnicking, skiing, paragliding etc.
Sliven region is also part of the Valley of Roses and just outside of Sliven are the first rose plantations for the pink gold – the rose oil. The city is also fantastic for sightseeing with lots of interesting spots. The soils are so fertile here that winemaking and wines are one of the best in Bulgaria. That all fits in the image of eco tourism very well and goes hand by hand.

The region of Sliven is very easily accessible from all parts of Bulgaria because of Trakia highway and the infrastructure connecting it with the Black sea, Turkey, Greece, Romania and the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

We welcome you in the Sliven region and would be glad to organize any eco tourism trip in the Blue Stones nature park and the whole Sliven region.

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